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staunchness – loyalty in the face of trouble and difficulty


From the word staunch 

staunch 1  (stônch, stänch) also stanch (stônch, stänch, stnch)

adj. staunch·er also stanch·erstaunch·est also stanch·est

1. Firm and steadfast; true. See Synonyms at faithful.
2. Having a strong or substantial construction or constitution.

[Middle English staunche, from Anglo-Norman estaunche, from estaunchierto stanch, variant of Old French estanchier; see stanch1.]

staunchly adv.
staunchness n.
Usage Note: Staunch is more common than stanch as the spelling of the adjective. Stanch is more common than staunch as the spelling of the verb.

staunch 2  (stônch, stänch)


Variant of stanch1. See Usage Note at staunch1.



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