About Us


X Digital Group is a host for a group of talented people, a group of achievers and dreamers, what gives XDG power of its reputation is its own people and developers, XDG appreciate the value of people and understand that each company is a group of people, we have a multi-skilled people behind the success of XDG and we are really proud of our family and looking forward to expanding exponentially. XDG is the creator and initiator of the concept of SuXess , Simply we put X in SuXess…

What is suXess ?

  • X for extreme success.
  • X for extreme quality.
  • X for extreme creativity.
  • X for extreme impressive.

Why suXess ?

We are looking forward every time to achieving suXess , because it’s important for everyone to seek Success and beyond Success, so you can use our concept of suXess !

How reach to suXess ?

Reaching SuXess mainly consists of four components :

Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is always the key to suxess as it has a great power in the market especially for the software industry, innovations are always the best successful products, so thinking in a creative way, developing minds to be free to think and fly on a horizon of imagination will lead to a viable imagination called creativity.

Intelligent Thinking

Intelligent Thinking is related to creative thinking but look with different perspective as it searches for the added value of the product to the client so it search behind the technologies as for software industries to reach a business-wise thinking, to think of the business model of the product and the secret of any intelligent thinking is the added value thinking, where you ask what is the value delivered to the market or to the public.

Big Picture Thinking

Big picture Thinking has a very nice connection with planning for the products, setting up the vision, mission and its milestones and delivery time, simply as always it’s said not planning is planning to fail and as long as your mind believe and conceive you shall achieve so let the power to your mind to see the big picture and your strategic achievement of your product.

Not Thinking

Not Thinking! it may sound strange but it’s simple the same rule of Dream Big, Plan Small Act Now, a lot of time is consumed in the process of filling un-useful papers and making every project or start up a complicated stuff, all challenges and obstacles are everywhere, a huge negative energy every day, if you don’t believe in yourself so don’t expect others to believe in you so don’t waste your time in thinking of those negative energies and just “KISS” Keep It Simple Stupid.