Our Services

Web App Development

We are at the age of web applications. The web is no longer just a one-way communication with users. We are moving ahead to a new era of service based web applications that provide the users with an access to services that they can rely on its daily use. The development of web applications takes more than regular software development. It requires architecture, infrastructure, effective product development management and highly disciplined developers.

At XDG, we highly invest in bringing together the brightest brains that will take all the responsibility to take your idea from an idea stage to a full-blown software requirement with multiple development sprints to reach your ultimate, solid web applications that you can rely on. We will be applying the latest agile development technologies to allow you to gauge your customers at the different iterations allowing you to modify the requirement to reach a successful service for your users and customer, unlike other software companies.

With our XDG team, we will drive your business requirement to actionable deliverables. And also if needed, we can help you structure your business model with our entrepreneurs’ partners to help you build a product launch milestones, marketing campaigns requirement and a profitable business model whether that increase your user base, make more money, or simply enhance internal organizational processes.

Mobile app development

If you have an App idea to develop at a specific or all platforms, we can give you a hand to turn your App idea into reality. Developing applications don’t only rely on the delivery of functionality. It involves how the user interacts with the application, the User Experience (UX) delivered to the user and various stakeholders, the different integrations required to make sure that the App is delivered, and most importantly is how to utilize the hardware capability in the right way to enhance the user experience.
We have put in-house guidelines on how to deliver each application’s functionality in the right way to expand the full potential of the apps for your users. Our team will take your idea, break it down to the required achievable goals and will come up with the best way the application would deliver the experience and how to utilize the existing hardware capabilities and future hardware capabilities. All will be put into component sprints of development so you can have an App to test sooner than later and adjust the requirements as the development goes. Our team will make every effort to make sure that anything we develop for you, would deliver the value required for your business.

Cross Platform Development

Either you are looking for iPhone, Android, smart TV, tablet development, we are here for you. Our team has worked very hard to investigate all the different technologies available in the market to make sure that we can develop applications that can run on multiple devices. The latest development streams mean that you can launch your application on various platforms using one single code base which in simple terms means the delivery of a unified experience, one cost, and one code base to maintain.
We can help you to identify if cross-platform development a route that can benefit your business by investigating its initial requirements and the capabilities required for the App. If that’s the case, we will gladly offer you the best way to develop your application and various options for the development routes. Get in touch now and let us give you a hand with your project at an informal casual meeting and a nice cup of coffee at our office.

Interactive Touch screen Development

In our day to day life, we keep interacting with touch mobile devices enjoying the experience and benefit delivered. We are entering an extension to this age which doesn’t limit us anymore to small screens. The new touch and multi-touch technologies are increasing in our day to day use including supermarkets, phone shops, train stations and much more. We have partnered with a LamasaTech UK Ltd., a company that specialises in touchscreen and multi-touch screen development to deliver the best possible experience on touchscreen devices. Touch and Multi-touch screen development are not similar to other devices as it opens a whole new paradigm of interaction including how users interact with the surface, how information is presented and how to make use of multiple people using the same screen at the same time (also known as multi-user screen). At XDG, we can help you build the required experience and develop it from the ground up, in addition, to provide you with all the hardware required (starting from 19″ up to 300″ screens) for your solution through our partner. Our team will also deliver additional value on how will mobile devices interact with touch screens provide a unified experience for the users such as on live TV stations delivering live news with live polls. Or even in a train station allowing users to redeem tickets from the mobile devices as long as they are close to the right touchscreen. Get in touch with us and we will help you to explore how we can integrate various interactive technologies to provide a unique, efficient experience to your users and business.

The value you can expect

  • Significant increases in converting traffic, at the best ROI possible.
  • Increasing Brand Awareness.
  • Customer Retention: Inbound marketing allows you to get to know your consumer, keep them interested.
  • Easier Customer Acquisition.
  • Lower Cost : inbound marketing techniques cost much less than outbound marketing techniques – about 62 % less.