We are very selective in choosing our candidates as we appreciate our developers as we believe that our success is part of their success, we also work in providing the most suitable environment for them to work, we are always happy for a new candidate to join the big picture and we would like dreamers to join XDG family.
Working in XDG is not only being a part of a company it’s being part of a talented, ambitious and successful team. Please find below the needed titles and kindly send your CV to with the desired title in the subject.

Available Opportunities

We have an opportunity for a Senior SEO Manager who will work with multiple platforms to execute an effective Search Engine Optimization strategy.


  • Create, communicate and execute an effective Search Engine Optimisation strategy will significantly increase organic search traffic.
  • Design and deliver a Social Media Strategy to significantly increase engagement on and traffic from Social Media platforms such as Twitter and Linkedin.
  • Identify & monitor traffic acquisition KPIs. Take ownership of the brands and build out the toolset for SEO and Social Media traffic analytics and weekly tasks/reports.
  • Results driven. Be creative & data driven. Hypothesise, test, analyse and iterate.
  • Compile and present traffic reports on time and clearly show the effects of your activities in the data.
  • Utilise and manage SEM campaigns where significant ROI can be delivered.
  • Evangelise, convince, and work closely with product managers, developers and designer to ensure that they understand the importance of SEO & Social Media traffic, and how to correctly implement opportunities
  • for traffic acquisition and measurement.
  • Optimise all generated content to become traffic optimised.
  • Constantly strive to generate highly qualified and relevant backlinks while retaining the brand reputation.
  • Write clear technical specifications for Front-end Engineers implementing SEO best practices, and properly QA their work.
  • Keep abreast of industry trends, SEO best practices, and Google algorithm updates.
  • Understand the implications for our business and take action to quickly seize opportunity and reduce risk.
  • Must be able to write/re-write unique english short articles/commentary/discussion dialogues up to a professional english standard.



  • Proven experience leading SEO & Social Media strategy and projects to successfully build audiences, multilingual products and services.
  • In-depth technical understanding of SEO issues and solutions, such as URL canonicalization, HTTP response codes, errors and redirects.
  • Expert user of Google Web Master Tools for improving the performance in search results.
  • Good understanding of structured data approaches, such as, and how they can help SEO.
  • Good knowledge of the Web Analytics marketplace, and expert user of at least one market leading tool for tracking user activity on web sites and mobile apps.
  • Excellent understanding of Mobile SEO challenges and solutions.
  • Experienced trouble-shooter and user of relevant diagnostic tools.
  • Hypothesis & Data driven approach.
  • An Engineering background with strong HTML & JavaScript skills.
  • Ability to advise Front-end Engineers on technical best practices and approaches for improving the performance of web sites in SERPs.
  • Proven experience managing multiple stakeholders at all levels of the organisation.
  • University degree in Digital Marketing or related practical experience.
  • Excellent English grammar, writing and writing.

We need a junior candidate that will work on the project backend and work with the team leader to draw the architecture of the application and its development, and choose the development route with the team. The projects will involve the creation of complex database structures and web front end / graphical interface designs with a strong emphasis on intrinsic usability, additionally the projects will have an emphasis on public usage and any graphical / front-end development must reflect this.

Skills Needed:

  • Good technical knowledge in web development with open source technologies.
  • Able to adapt new technologies and not just work with their existing knowledge.
  • The ability to work under pressure within strict deadlines.
  • The ability to manage a project from end to end.
  • Familiarity with Scrum as a project management methodologies.
  • Have excellent skills in implementing their job using the following languages: php, JS.
  • Experience in Zend/Symfony 2-3 framework.
  • Familiar with CSS3, HTML5, jquery mobile and similar frameworks.
  • The ability to estimate accurately and hit the deadlines.
  • The ability to run multiple projects at the same time with multiple development teams.
  • Excellent organizational, motivational and planning skills.
  • Familiar with latest mobile and web frameworks and how they can be utilized and integrated effectively with the website services.
  • Good english spoken and written skills.